Will my instruction be kept confidential?
All instructions, reports, requests for information and data are dealt with the utmost confidentiality and thus remains a priority of Concept Enquiries Limited.


Are all services offered by Concept Enquiries Limited completely Legal?
All services provided by Concept Enquiries Limited are well within the legal restraints of the law, no information will be illegally obtained in any given circumstance.

What regional areas can Concept Enquiries Limited cover?
Concept Enquiries Limited provides fixed fees services throughout the entire UK.


What are your opening times?
Concept Enquiries Limited open office times are 09:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs.

Due to the nature of the industry we understand you may need to contact us urgently or outside of our opening times, therefore Concept Enquiries Limited can be contacted via email 24/7.


How do I instruct Concept Enquiries Limited?
If it’s the first time you’re instructing Concept Enquiries Limited then we would suggest a phone call first to discuss the instruction. We would then ask for instructions to be followed up in writing preferably by email. For existing clients, an email is sufficient direct to instruction@conceptenquiries.co.uk, we will of course then acknowledge via return email and provide regular updates until completion of the instruction.


How much do you charge?
Concept Enquiries Limited offer fixed fee rates for each service provided, discounted rates can be requested on applicable services. For a copy of the Concept Enquiries Limited Fee List please contact us.

All fees will be subject to VAT thereon.


How long will it take?
Concept Enquiries Limited go above and beyond to complete each instruction in the shortest time possible. We advise clients to allow 10 working days for completion where applicable, however instructions are usually completed much sooner. Urgent instructions can be prioritised if advised at the time of instruction and will be dealt within 48 hours.


Do I have to be from the legal or insurance industry to be able to use Concept Enquiries Limited’s Services?
No not at all. Although Concept Enquiries Limited specialise in Litigation support services to the Legal Industry, Concept Enquiries Limited will regularly accept instructions from outside of the Legal and Insurance sector, please contact us to discuss.